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We specialise in bespoke software development, digital and print brand identities, interactive exhibition spaces, and innovative sensor devices.

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Working with TAL
Working with TAL
About us

We design human-centered products

We help you design, build, and launch innovative digital products.

We have worked with businesses, public sector, international charities, and academia to produce cutting edge digital products and services. Our experience of working in industry and academic R&D labs means that we bring innovative design thinking and technical capability to the experiences you want to create.

Our services

We develop ideas with you

We work closely with you to understand your needs and help you to create the products and services you need.

We offer branding and UI/UX product design that make your idea come to life. We can rapid prototype your ideas or engineer production-ready products and services to your specification. We can also create live interactive exhibitions that will engage and inform your clients through interactive experiences.

Our clients


We can produce a new look and feel for your company or brand. We carefully analyse your brand identity and stylings and provide a tailored experience to you.

Bespoke Software Development

Our team of engineers and designers are highly experienced in producing production grade software solutions. Covering mobile and web applications as well as custom hardware.

UI/UX Design

We apply a research led approach to UI / UX design, creating effective and compelling experiences for your users.

Interactive Exhibitions

We are specialists in designing interactive experiences, research technology deployments and expos. We can build custom installations, room-scale experiences and more.


We've designed branding, developed prototypes, created interactive exhibitions, and deployed production systems for our clients.


Latest work

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Coffee Chat Video Conferencing Solution

Coffee Chat

Video conferencing solution for online conferences


Think Active

Activity tracking solution for schools and foundations

App Movement Platform

App Movement

Participatory mobile app design



Discover more on your doorstep


Expressive Things

A new way to interact and control the smart-home



Embedded sensing in cricket adjudication


OpenMovement AxLE

Open-Source Activity Tracking Sensor

Escape the future interactive experience

Escape the Future

Digital Break-out Room for Expos


Media of Things

Automation of Productions and Labelling

Meet the team

We are a network of designers, technologists, and researchers.

Think Active Labs has a core team that works with an extensive network of professionals.

Andy Garbett

Andy Garbett

Interaction Designer

Andy is an interaction designer that creates human-centered technologies in areas such as health and wellbeing, education, and the creative sectors. He has worked with organisations such as Newcastle United Foundation, BBC R&D, and Microsoft Research developing technology-led public health initiatives, large-scale social computing systems, and immersive interactive creative experiences. His work focuses on privacy centric approaches to citizen-led data collection and analysis that empowers and prepares us for our future data-driven society.

Gerard Wilkinson

Gerard Wilkinson

Software Engineer

Gerard is a software engineer who works with highly reliable modern web systems with thousands of users. He has also previously worked with the BBC on broadcast applications of sensing technologies. Using Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Fusion to automate parts of the production process, constructing novel consumption and interaction experiences. He has also worked Hawk-Eye Technologies on sensing for officiating, creating sensing solutions for umpires in club level cricket.

Tom Nappey

Tom Nappey

UX / UI Designer

Tom is a digital designer who has worked in the creative sector for the last 10 years. He has worked with a broad spectrum of companies across multiple sectors including Unilever, Philips, Mars as well as Local governance, charities and organisations. Most recently working with International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) to develop a global 10 year strategy policy through user-driven workshops, exhibitions and an immersive humanitarian strategy game. His work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, through a human-centred approach.